[bct] bathroom scales.

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  • Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2006 15:20:34 -0600


    No, not in the last few years, I've been looking for an accurate bathroom 
scale with speech myself.  Mine does the same trick.  Basically, you can keep 
weighing until you hear what you want to hear.  I'm using a print one which my 
wife reads and that means I can't use it by myself.  Very frustrating.  Your 
weight, in numbers, shouldn't be your determining factor of whether you are 
overweight per say, it should be more about how you feel and how your clothes 
fit.  When you feel the pants getting a bit snug, its time to scoot away from 
the table.  As for me, I'd step on your Braille scale and send that dial 
spinning like an airplane propeller.  
Jeff Armstrong
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  Hi folks,

  The promised snow man is up on the FTP site if you want to grab it before 
it's posted to the podcast. I noticed while up there that somebody did a 
podcast on bathroom scales. I am interested in hearing that one, because that's 
a subject that I've been around the bend with for quite a while. I got one of 
the last braille scales with a waist-high dial. I bought it from some company 
or other back in the 1980s and I don't think they're manufactured any more. You 
can tell it had a glass cover on the top once, because there is a rim where the 
glass was. It has dots for every 5 pounds, and the zero is at the six o-clock 
position. It goes completely around the circle for every hundred pounds, and 
then it stops at the weight that is showing in print. The pointer is like a 
minute hand on a clock. My mom used to hate that scale because she said it 
showed the same thing as her doctor's scale. I don't like it because I think it 
tells me lies, but it tells the same lie every time I use it so I guess I have 
to believe it. <long sigh of discontent and lots of promises to cut back on 
chocolate, but I know I won't.>

  I just chalk it up to middle-aged spread. May as well blame something. 

  I used a couple electronic talking scales when they first came out but they 
weren't dependable and gave me different weights every time I used it, even 
when I used it three or four times in the same 30 seconds of time. I don't know 
if they've improved over the years or not though.


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