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Thanks Mary.  I have some problems with this approach.  I'm not
directing them to you to be answered, although I would value your
feedback.  you were just kind enough to explain what I missed in Larry's
I wonder if allowing people to upload to the actual site could be a
problem in that there would be no review of these before they get to the
web site.  For example, what if someone uses music or sounds that do not
have copyright permission.  Does that become the problem of the person
who does the podcast or the problem of the web site the podcast is on,
or is it both.  I doubt Larry has refused to upload podcasts from this
group to the web, but I suspect he listens to them.  I am sure it takes
more time than he has, but I'm not sure if there are not issues with
having us upload directly to the site.  Of course, these are issues that
can be dealt with.  If Larry sets forth some rules about what can and
can not happen in a podcast and people do not follow them, that would
seem to releave some of the legal Burdon from Larry, but I suspect that
in a true legal sense, this is not the case.  Perhaps each podcast would
have to begin with the name of the person doing the podcast and some
statement of the fact that this person owns the copyright.  This could
be helpful in a number of ways including the question under discussion.
Just my thoughts, and I can definitely see that Larry's having to listen
to and up load all of the podcasts we do is a problem.  Just don't know
the answer to the dilemma at this point.

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Larry mentioned that one of his goals for the year is to automate BCT so
that it will be easier for people to upload their submissions directly
to the BCT web site. Also, Larry is thinking of letting those of us with
our own podcasts automatically have them sent to BCT, if we want to,
when we submit them to our own sites. I probably missed something but
that's what I recall. Anybody else can chime in with what they remember.

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