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Of course there was the message on this list of a couple weeks ago about
how easy it is for people to steal other people's podcast and use them
on their site with advertising, etc. without actually referencing the
real place where the podcast originated.  I guess a broader market for
our podcast may perhaps come with a price.

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Hi Mary and all,
I completely agree about the automating process.  I think that it would
also broaden the audience even more than it has already become and give
the lesser known podcasts a chance to reach an amazing number of people.
Maybe after podcasts are uploaded to the various distributors, i.e.
Libsyn, there should be an option to add feeds that you want to share
that show and or entire podcast with.  Something like a pull-down menu;
for instance,  in Libsyn, in the publish tab there is a pull-down menu
to choose a category for your show.  When you ftp something up to
Libsyn, there's a quick cast checkbox, there could be another checkbox
called  share this podcast, and the person could check it or not.
Anyway, just some ramblings and thoughts.

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Hi Larry and all,
I love the idea of automating BCT, especially having our own podcasts
(Lynnette's, Hope's, mine, Shane's, anyone else who wants it) sent to
BCT at the same time it goes up to our own site. It would save us a step
in the publishing process.
I have to admit I have gotten really spoiled using WebDrive to upload to
the BCT FTP site. I love doing things that way; but then I guess
uploading directly to the web has its advantages, such as the podcasts
being directly published and people providing their own descriptions and
saving you some work. Podcasting is so immediate and current, which is
so appealing!
It's great to hear you again on the daily walk! I hope Jake-ster is
behaving a little better, or you can figure out why he was doing
whatever he was doing. Too bad we can't ask our animals what the problem
is. I hope he isn't just being wild. 


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