[bct] Re: automating BCT

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  • Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2006 12:17:11 +1300

Hi Mary, Larry, Neal or whoever else might be able to answer this.

If Larry has people's podcasts automatically sent to BCT would that mean if we 
have the BCT podcasts set to download automatically and cancel the other feeds, 
we'd only get the podcasts once? I ran into a problem last month whereby 
because I have the podcasts set to download automatically I ended up with two 
copies of most of them - one from BCT and one from the individual's feed. This 
wasn't a problem in itself but it meant I went over my download limit for my 
ISP and got put back on dial up speed for the remaining two weeks of the month. 
My understanding is that we have a smaller download quota which is also more 
expensive than what you can get in the States. I guess that going over the 
quota will keep happening unless I cancel out and just go and seek individual 
podcasts as I see and want them, but I like the way it is now that they just 
arrive when they are ready and I can listen at my leisure without having to 
physically go and find each one. I don't want to keep going over my download 
quota though and being on dial-up speed for half of each month so I need to 
work out a solution.


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  Larry mentioned that one of his goals for the year is to automate BCT so that 
it will be easier for people to upload their submissions directly to the BCT 
web site. Also, Larry is thinking of letting those of us with our own podcasts 
automatically have them sent to BCT, if we want to, when we submit them to our 
own sites. I probably missed something but that's what I recall. Anybody else 
can chime in with what they remember.


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