[bct] Re: audio on the web from NLS?

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This sounds wonderful! I hear they aren't implementing it for a few more years though.

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Check the latest version of Braille Book Review or Talking Book Topics, both on the LOC Web site.

As I read the information, you won't be able to burn this to CD. Instead, you'll download it, offload onto a flash card, and it will then only be playable in a NLS-approved player (like their stand- alone one, for instance). The good news is that you can save the files, archive them somewhere, and have your own audio library. That way, if you like a book, you can come back to it without having to wait for them to send it to you again.
On May 21, 2006, at 11:35 AM, Jane Jordan (gmail) wrote:

Did someone say that NLS would be putting recorded content on the web next year? How did you find this? Where oculd I verify it and write about it with the facts? Would this be downloadable content that could be burned to CD?


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