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  • Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 12:15:28 -0700

I, too, am new to this, although I've been around a lot when Curt has
listened.  It's really wonderful that we can go back and find old podcasts
that are fun or helpful.  Larry, you're phenomenal!!!

Karen Delzer

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Hi Larry,
Thanks for keeping all of these.  I'm pretty new to Blind cool
tech, so I'm playing catch up and listening to things from a
while back.

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>As many of you know, I've been talking about the fact that we
were about to
>reach the 256 kb limit on the xml feed that feedburner imposes.
A few days
>ago, I had to remove several of the old shows to make room for
the new ones,
>but I did not have the old ones in an accessible archive.  I
didn't think
>anyone would even notice until I had a chance to get the archive
going this
>weekend, but I was very wrong about that.  There must have been
at least a
>dozen messages asking  about it.

>Now, there is a new archive link on the main page that takes you
to all the
>old shows.  For the moment, the archive just shows the material
from 2005,
>but it will expand as we need the space on the main page.

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