[bct] Re: anyone interested in a hollistic chat next weekend?

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It sounds very interesting, Mary. I don't have a particular time preference.
Jamie d.
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  Hi list,

  Since Debee led a clicker training chat last weekend, I thought it would be 
fun to try a hollistic chat in the chat room this weekend if anyone wants to 
join. What time would be good? A lot of you are in different time zones and I 
am very flexible so any time that the majority of participants want would be 
fine with me. It won't be a formal thing either; just talk about food we've 
tried, good on-line places to buy stuff, what works and what doesn't, 
supplements from vitamins to herbs to cosmetics to essential oils, what 
supplements you like to take every day, energy medicine, just whatever comes to 
mind. We can just start in and see where it goes. Let me know if you're 
interested and can be part of it.
  Mary Emerson
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