[bct] anyone ever been in public subsidized housing?

  • From: "Lisa Hall" <lhall10@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2006 15:46:46 -0600

Hi everyone,


I don't post too often but am trying to find someone who may had experience
in living in public subsidized housing.

This is a separate program from Section 8 housing.

I recently submitted application for a 2-bedroom apartment which would give
me more space for technology, computer, and other blindness products I own
including several computer books I purchased from National Braille Press and
my braille transcription reference materials in braille. 

I have been living at Broadway Place Apartments for 10 years and 9 months
and have really enjoyed it except not having a washer/dryer hookup.

All of my families is from out of town and are much older than me. 

What have been your experience in locating apartments, locating movers, and
transportation challenges in getting everything moved from one part of town
to another.

My sister and brother are in their 50's, my mom in her 70's, and it seems
like everyone is having health problems including back and knee problems.

I have been paying $525.00 per month on rent; $90.00 for phone with
unlimited long distance and local calls through MCI, $99 through Time Warner
Cable for internet and cable service; $24.95 for voice mail through Myibocs;
$100.00 for Best Buy payment on a credit card for computer from March 2004;
and $60 to $70.00 to cover for electric, gas, water, and sewage.

By the time I pay for all of that I have very little money left for food,
medication, clothes, and transportation.

It's a good thing I worked a short time last summer as Adaptive Technology
Consultant for Northwest Vista College.

My social security income is only $1,040.00 after I paid medicare part b at
$88.50. Before any deduction was taken out, I receive $1,128.50. 

I am trying to avoid going back to my family as far back as 1994 when I
moved from Louisiana to Texas.

My family is trying to encourage me to be closer to home, however, the
specialty that I am trying to find work is very hard to find in terms of
braille transcription, computer instruction, or braille instruction.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on the challenges that I am about to face.


Lisa Hall,

Former Consultant for Adaptive Technology for Northwest Vista College, a
college of the Alamo Community College District. 

Web page: http://home.satx.rr.com/lisahall

Phone: (210) 829-4571

E-mail and MSN I.D.: lhall10@xxxxxxxxxxx







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