[bct] Re: any good portable mp3 players?

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  • Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2005 01:14:05 -0500

Randy, I would suggest the Iriver IFP 899 and know that Independent Living
Aids is selling it $179.95
check out:
m=1&mitem=1> &variation=&aitem=1&mitem=1
If you purchase this item prior to Wed, November 30, 2005, you will be
charged only $3.00 for shipping


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Good evening friends. first of all, happy Thanksgiving to you.
i am scrambbling here to get as much help as i can.
My brother is getting me a new computer this weekend. We are trying to
figure out what is a good accessible portable mp3 player?
I've been told to stay away from apple's Ipods.
tell me what are soem good ones?

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