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Hi Pam and a big welcome to the list for you and Joseph.  I didn't know that
poodles were used as dog guides along with the usual shepherds and labs.  I
guess for some reason I always thought poodles were a bit too high-strung
for this type of service.  Could you tell us a bit about Joseph - like size
and temperament?  I love animals and I think quite a few of the other
members would be interested as well.

Again, welcome,

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I've been listening to the podcasts on blindcooltech for a while now
and really enjoy them. I just subscribed to the list last night. I
recognize a lot of you from other lists, and noticed also that several
of you are from Iowa. Count me in as another Iowan on the list.
Looking forward to sharing with all of you, and hopefully one day I'll
get up the nerve to do a podcast. I got an Olympus ds-2 a few weeks
ago and really like it.
To the person who wondered about working a guide dog in the winter, it
isn't a problem at all. In fact all of my dogs for whatever reason
seem to prefer colder weather. Right now I have a Leader Dog named
Josef. He is a white standard poodle.

Talk to you all soon.

Pam and poodle Josef

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