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Hi Mary,
I second that on the trip-cast by Nadia.
Also, thanks for reminding me of the clown with which you could do the same 
thing.  I loved it and could really use one today!  <smile>
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  When I worked for a really awful supervisor, a couple people in my group 
bought one of those plastic blow-up figurines of a Tasmanian devil. You could 
punch it all you wanted and knock it down but it would bounce back up because 
of the weight at the bottom that held it up right. We had a lot of fun with 
that thing; we'd kick it down the hall and knock it around a lot, and my 
friends said the same thing--it was so ugly it was cute. I am sure everybody on 
this list would love to hear recordings of your trip, if you make them and want 
to share them.


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