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That's all they have here in Nude England, Mary, they are called dog caddies. They are usually the worst bread imaginable, like wonder bread run over by an 18 wheeler, then curled into the little trough like thing. There are good ones, but the average ones here are dreadful.

Instead, get some Bisquick, add water until it is like glue, make a thinlayer around the hot dog with a bit of cheese inside and bake at 350 for 45 minutes, it is delicious dipped in mustard, even works with those meat analog thingies.


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Hi again list,

When I was a kid, I remember there were hot dog buns available that were like flat buns but there was a slot in the center that the hot dog fit into, so you didn't have to put it together like a sandwich; you just put the hot dog in and it fit tightly enough that it didn't fall out; you ended up with sort of an open faced hot dog. Anybody remember those and if they are still made? I haven't seen them in a very long time.

Also, regarding Ray's diet until age five, I went through a very similar experience; until around age 10 or 11, I didn't eat most meat, and in order for Mom to get any meat down me she had to give me baby food, believe it or not. The thing that broke me of that was that I went to camp for the first time at age ten, and realized right away that meat was served at every meal, and if I was to survive, I had to eat what everybody else did, so I came home eating normally. These days although I am vegetarian, if meat is the only option I will eat it since it's the only option at the time. I wonder how many other kids go through this sort of thing, and how they eventually grow out of it.

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