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my cat is odd, she has always liked me better than anyone else. I have a roommate and she will tollerate him, but isn't verry effectionate toward him.

Joseli Walter
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Jocelli and everyone,,

I suspect animals have awareness of things that we don't have much concept of yet. They live in the eternal present, with no sense of past or future time, although I am fairly sure they remember things, but no sense of when something happened.

I think some animals can sense that I am vegetarian. When we had a lot of cats roaming the neighborhood, some would come to my door, wanting love. I would have loved to give them affection, but they were so wild they ran off. One very dear mother cat became friends with me; she had a little nest in the bushes near me, and, because there weren't many people coming into this building (many of the apartments here weren't being used), she knew when I was coming and going, and would meet me. The very first time I met her, she came to the path near the mail boxes, and started sniffing my foot. That was the beginning. Then, some mornings, she would wait for me to leave for work, and I would spend some time petting her and talking to her. She would bat my hands around a little, very playful, but very calm. I could never get her to purr. When she became a mother, she tried to teach her kittens to come to me, but they would run off and be afraid. People started moving in, and would shoo them all away. Even a big old tom cat shooed them away and took over this part of the neighborhood, claiming it was his territory. But eventually he became sick, and I don't know if anybody ended up taking him to a vet; they probably couldn't catch him; but he would come and lie on my door step. He was so wild, though, that when I came near, he would yowl real loud, attack my cane (thank heavens he never bit me!) and hiss and then run off; he knew I was shy of him, but not afraid. I've also had cats who were accidentally left out over night, come to my door, tail high and straight up, head high, as if to say, "Here I am, come and welcome me!" And of course I would.

Ironically, I've been a dog person, since my family always had dogs, and my all time favorite pet was a dog. I think when she died, she left part of herself with me, and I with her. She was a pet, but we had a special bond. There were so many times when we played endless games of fetch and tug a war, but she would, some how, tell lme when she was going off to do something else; I just got a sense she was going to leave, because she needed to go do something else, like look out the window or go have a nap.

Animals are so wonderful if you take time to get to know them. Some can be just plain mean though. That's when it's time for a professional to take over, and that's when I back off.


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