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Mary I really agree with you on this one. It is disgusting how human kind 
treats its fellow living beings.  So mutch crewlty, its shameful really.  Its 
good to sea that people are doing all they can to prevent all of this.  I am a 
perpetual sinic  and their for believe that human kind will not change, those 
who are optamistic may find this to be a debatable matter, but even though I 
dout they will change we can only hope and educate, Grait podcast by the way 
From Riz 
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  Good morning list members,

  I know larry hasn't posted Donna's podcast yet, but if it's still on his FTP 
site, you might want to grab it. It is amazing how much these little digital 
recorders can pick up, and how great the sound is. Donna, that was a lovely 
podcast and so entertaining. You could really hear Bethany's enjoyment and 
laughter; and the lecture on tigers was informative and to the point, and very 
sobering. People need to know about the impact we are having on the environment 
and what can be done to support groups who are trying to save plants and 
animals that can never be replaced. It's a shame that so many silly ideas are 
mixed in with various medical practices; so many aspects of alternative 
medicine really do work, and so much time has to be spent sorting truth from 

  Anyway, that was a great podcast, and thank you for posting it!



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