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Hi Neal, this is Neal.  Are you confused?  Oh, I think I am supposed to
be playing Dan here.  So here goes.

Dan, I mean Neal, or whomever you are, you've got it.

You can mix a mono file over a stereo one so that your voice will be in
Mono and the main file will be stereo.  This is exactly how I did the
beginning of the Making music on the Kurzweil podcast.  Oh, or did Dan
do that one?  Now, I'm totally confused.

Neal, or Dan, or is it Mary.  I'm not quite sure now.

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Pam, I am not Neal and don't play him on television, but I'll offer my 
thoughts.  I would record the voice over in mono, or just one channel
use the options in Sound Forge to turn it into mono.

Then, place the cursor in Sound Forge where you want the voice over to
and use the merge function, control m, to pick the kind of voice over
wish.  A fast duck means the underlying recording will duck in volume
your voice over is going.  If you hit the right check box, it will then 
come back up after the voice over ends.  You can just do a direct merge 
with the last choice in the merge menu, but be sure you adjust the
or they will boost the pasted material and cut the destination material.

It isn't hard after you play just a bit and can produce some very 
professional sounding recordings.


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