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  • Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2006 20:26:33 -0600

Hello again everyone. I would love to learn how to play the accordion. I wonder which kind Weird-Al plays. I just brought back "Dare to be Stupid," which i got as a Christmas present but which had inadvertently been left at my parents' house along with two other new CD's.
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Hi everyone.

I hope someone out there at some stage does do a button accordion podcast. I am a piano accordion player of the very basic variety. That is, music is not my strong point and at the school for the blind I attended they were not terribly impressed since the stereotype was that all blind people are great at music (grin). Anyway I muddle through with the piano accordion and love the sound. I recently bought myself a secondhand button accordion in the hopes I could find someone or a book to teach me how to play it. So far I have had no luck which is why I hope some day to find a podcast explaining more about how it all works.


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