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  • Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2006 12:26:09 -0800

I would be interested on how a MIDI accordion works.
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Hi all, I've done another review, wel if you can call it a review, I
demonstrate in this one how to play an accordian, what an accordian is, how
it works, and at the end is a sample piece of professional accordian music
that I found, since I am only a beginner my playing skills with one of these
things isn't all that great! I do however play some tunes I know, and
demonstrate the correct way to play, the accordian for those who don't know
comes in various types, piano accordians as I review here, and button
accordians, both of which soundsimilar I explain for those of you that are not particularly musical what a scale is, and how the accordian stradella base system works, I hope you find this review rather interesting.

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