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I have a bit of light perception in my right eye yet I still have problems,
sometimes melatonin helps but during those days when my body seems to think
it really should be night it does not, but then there are the days like a
couple of weeks ago, on a weekend when I was sleepy day or night.  

Rose Combs

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Apparently, if you have some light perception and can perceive light in some

way, the sleep disorder doesn't affect you as much. I have light perception 
but it's just bare light; no colors. If I'm outside for a certain amount of 
time, I sleep better at night, especially in summer when the sun is 
brighter. For some blind people who still have their optic nerves somewhat 
intact, they don't have to consciously perceive light to be able to overcome

the disorder. As long as the brain senses it enough to produce melatonin, 
then you can start getting drowsy when it gets dark. I think some people 
take melatonin sometimes to help adjust their sleep patterns. It's quite 
safe but doesn't always work for some reason.


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