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Hi Hope,
Don't know if you read my previous message, but, yes, if a book says anything about being abridged, I leave it alone. and I only read short fiction these days with JAWS. Humans are so much more satisfying to me. With the advent of so many menu systems, the free-flowing speech of a person is very comforting.

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Hello, Kai, Mary and list,
I must agree with you on this point. There is something to be said about the unabridged books. It isn't as though you can buy an abridged book in print, so why make an audio abridgment? I understand, in some cases, it could be a realistic thing, but the closest thing a print book has to an abridgment are Cliff's Notes.
Perhaps I'm wrong here, but these are just my thoughts, and it's just my opinion. <smile>

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Greetings Mary.

I, too, must agree to disagree with abridged books. I don't know, I like
the detail that the author originally poured into the writing. And while
I don't necessarily want to know about every strand of hair on one of
the character's head, an in-depth description can lend understand and
empathy to that character's personality and role. I vote for unabridged!


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I notice that most abridged books are done rather poorly; they sometimes

refer to things not previously mentioned in the short form of the book,
explained in detail in the full version. You don't get the full
profiles either actions aren't enough; you need to know what people look

like, why they did what they did, stuff like that.


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