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Ah shoot! Never could get yousendit to work from this Laptop! And I had
a few good casts too!


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I think what we'll do for today is start using www.yousendit.com as bad
as I hate to do so.

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Perhaps what you might have to do Larry is  indicate on the home page
if anyone wishes to submit a podcast, they need to join the list; and,
those unable to join the list, contact Larry privately for the info.

That's truly the only solution I know to stop what I believe to be an
on our system.

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This is so unfortunate. As it was, anyone in the world could freely
submit podcasts. But now if the password is changed, posting it on the
website wil allow the culprits access since I suspect they know which
web site is associated with the ftp site. Is it going to come down to
each of us needing to have our own password I wonder?


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