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You are right, it is just a little louder than I like, but wow!  It will pick 
up things that I didn't hear in person.  When I go back and listen to it later, 
I hear all kinds of stuff that I didn't hear while making the recording, but 
I've found two disadvantages.  One is, as I'm sure you've noticed, if you so 
much as touch the recorder, the microphone will pick it up, and also, it will 
distort if anything is very loud at all.  I will go and have a look at the 
sound professionals microphones.  I've always loved to record.  even when I was 
very very young, I walked around with a tape recorder, but Back then, It was 
all in mono.  Now, with the digital recorders and stereo microphones, you can 
make it seem as if you are actually there almost.  I'm still new at the digital 
recording stuff, and have a lot to learn.  also, I used to be pasified with 
cheaper quality microphones and recorders.  Now, I'm no longer satisfied and 
want to move on to better things.  Thanks.
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You could always try the mike built into the DS2 although if you want another 
one, the Sound Professionals microphones would be ok too. The DS2 on the 
conference setting has a good range and will pick up a lot, although the 
recording volume might be a little loud. 


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