[bct] a little more info on the Team Talk application that Don was talking about

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Y'all will like this info.  I got it from

From what Don says, and from the look of this info, I'd be willing to bet 
this just might do well for our conference.

This is the home of the voice conferencing application TeamTalk which allows 
you to talk with your friends and colleagues using the internet or your 
area network as audio carrier. TeamTalk is available for desktop PCs running 
Windows and for Windows-based Pocket PCs.

Unlike many other internet voice conferencing applications (or internet 
phones) TeamTalk allows any number of people to participate in a 
conversation and
can use channels to organize conversations. Having numerous people in a 
conversation sets high demands to your network connection's capabilities but 
features a variety of configuration options which allows you to select the 
audio quality that best fit your connection speed.

The primary goal of TeamTalk is to provide a conversation with high quality 
sound and minimum transmission delay so that it becomes as close to 
conversation as possible.

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