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Hi Maria,
I'm not sure if this will help, (and you may have done this already), but you could set up short cut keys to your programs.
To do this, go to properties (alt plus enter), and tab until you here "shortcut key.. " Then, you can type in whatever key combination you want to be associated with the program.
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Hi Neal,

I'm not as techy savi as many of you guys, but I was thinking...  You know
how you can install jaws to come up speaking when you turn on the computer,
or not allow it to come on until you press Ctrl-alt-J to start it up?  Well,
why can't all programs come like that?  If you need to use them, then  you
could press a key combination to start them up.  That would work for me.

Maria R.

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> Haven't we all wondered what the hard drive is doing when, in the middle > of just doing nothing, it just starts taking off on it's own for several > minutes. And there are all those programs which we down load which are > egotistical enough to believe that they absolutely have to run at start > up. I mean, if I download Real Player, do I necessarily want it to take > several seconds to load when I reboot my computer every day, or would I > really mind it taking that several seconds longer to load the two times > I used it this year? I think I'll invent a computer broom and just have > it sweep away all that unnecessary stuff. But then, one would have to > program it to know what we want to have running, and of course, it would > have to run each time we started the computer. So, we are back to > square one, and the hard drive is still running. > > Neal > > > -----Original Message----- > From: blindcooltech-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx > [mailto:blindcooltech-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Lois Goodine > Sent: Friday, March 17, 2006 10:28 AM > To: blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx > Subject: [bct] Re: a good registry cleaner. > > > Dan. > Yes, there are many items in the MS-config list that are unidentifiable. > Someone once sent me a list of things that are apt to turn up there, and > their description. But I never found anything in it that had useful > information for me. I'm wondering if there is someplace online that can > give us such info. I know once I inadvertently unchecked something that > my Open Book program needed. There was nothing listed with the item to > warn me of the item's purpose. So when OpenBook didn't cooperate the > next time I opened it I got on the phone to Freedomscientific. The tech > guy went into a tale spin trying to figure out what might be wrong. > Then I remembered I had done some unchecking in the ms-config list. > Fortunately I had written down what was done. I read this to the tech > man and he had a fit, telling me to stay out of there! I laughed and > told him we had both learned something. And why didn't FS tell us > somewhere in the unhelpful help files, that this item was vital to the > running of the program? So I don't uncheck anything I can't identify. > But at least I can uncheck the identifiable things that don't need to > run at boot up. I'm hoping Debee's coming podcast may give some clues > about some of the obscure things. I know I have something that's called > something like "Statistical analysis" that pops up and runs something > seemingly whenever it has a mind to do so. Since I have no troubles on > the system that I know about, I wish this would just go away until I may > want it. There has to be somewhere to shut it off. Such is life with > computers. Lois > > > > -- > No virus found in this outgoing message. > Checked by AVG Free Edition. > Version: 7.1.385 / Virus Database: 268.2.4/283 - Release Date: 3/16/2006 > > >

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