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Thanks for this,Mary.
. I've been wanting to purchase this program for quite some time and your tips may prove very useful.
Lynnette (aka "Lynne")

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Hi list,

A couple quick hints about this program:

When you find the CD drive list box, it takes a second for Jaws to read the different drives as you arrow down in the list box; just be patient and it will tell you.

In the select drive list, you have to type the drive letter for the drive that you want to get your files from. For example, if you have files to burn to CD on your C drive, just type the letter C; it can be lower case.

Once you get to folders and files, it mostly works like Windows explorer. You can add all the files in a couple ways; what I do is control-A to select everything in a folder, then press F8 to add everything; or arrow down within different folders and press F8 as you come to a file. It tells you how many meg you used and how much space you have left in the target each time you add something.

When you're done, press F6 and you get into the write dialog. The only thing I change in this dialog is the finalize button; you have to tab past the "write" button to find it; once you press space bar on finalize, shift-tab to find the write button and activate it.

It will start counting percentages; sometimes the percentages reflect individual tracks, and sometimes they reflect the entire CD, so it will say 100 percent when it really means 100 percent of a track has been burned. I don't like the other information like "halfway there" after 50 percent, "just starting" after 5 percent, and "hold your horses, almost there" after 95 percent. We know 95 percent is almost finished, so I think they should take that out.

When it's done, it closes the file which takes a minute or so, then you have to press the OK button with space bar to get out, and the done button to get out of the write dialog; usually if I want to burn another CD with different content, I have to go completely back to the choice buttons and choose to create a data, or audio, CD, whatever I'm doing, and then get back into the CD creator.

There's one other thing, which is the difference between track at once and session at once. Session at once burns the tracks without silence between tracks; track at once is the traditional way, which adds silence between the tracks. Track at once is the default, and unfortunately the default is to not finalize, so remember to finalize each time if you want to play the CD right away.

I hope this helps somebody out there.

Mary Emerson
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