[bct] Re: Your Olympus WS320M and your MPower

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It works well with my PAC Mate as well.


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Hi Stacey,

I was just thinking. You might not even need your husband to manipulate
your files with the computer. My DS-2 works with my MPOWER also, so I
just bet your WS320M will too. All you'd need to do is plug it into the
USB port, and it should show up as a "hard disk". Then you could simply
move files from your recorder to the MPower. That will be interesting to
find out if it works, and I imagine it will.

If you take a tour of the school, that would be great to record. We
always toured the school and kennels when I was at Leader. I'll get an
awesome stereo recording of that the next time I'm there, but I hope
that isn't for a long time yet, like ten years at least.



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