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Hi Joni,

My opinion is that people are just a bit too paranoid about wireless
security.  I have set up many wireless networks and I'm still in touch with
all those clients.  None of them have ever experienced any kind of intrusion
into their systems.  I use 128 bit wep encryption on my Linksys WRT54G
router and I change the SSID from the default.  They recommend that you turn
of broadcasting of your SSID, but I haven't done that and have had no

I do live in a small town in a quiet neighborhood, so I'm probably not
exposed to the hacker types that prey on folks in large urban areas.  I have
added a bigger antenna to my router and I've taken a laptop over 200 feet
down the block without losing my connection.  I'm amazed at how many of my
neighbors have completely open router with no security whatsoever.  It would
be very easy to go in and alter their router's setup to the point where I
could use their router, but they wouldn't be able to get into it.  

I'm not saying that you shouldn't use the most secure settings possible.
Don't worry too much about it because all the schemes are pretty easy to
master.  It just a matter of learning what the various terms mean and what
the various setup pages of your router are about.  I have setup many
different brands and models of wireless routers and would be happy to help
you via the telephone to get securely set up in your new location.  


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We currently have a wireless network setup for Internet sharing.  The 
technicians who set up the Comcast connection also did the WEP encryption. 
I have heard more than once that WPA is better security.  I have also heard 
about mac addresses but have no idea what this is or how to configure it.

This message is prompted both by Scott's comments on the subject and the 
fact that we are going to make a long-distance move soon and will have to 
set up a new Internet connection and I feel totally uncertain about what I 
need to do to ensure we have a secure connection.

I would really like to learn more about this subject but don't know a good 
source of information that is easily understood by someone who is a casual 
computer user.  By that I mean I don't have a computer background and just 
learn what I need to learn to do the things I want to do.  I don't know if 
this subject would lend itself to a podcast but I would certainly appreciate

anyone who has mastered the process of ensuring security with a wireless 
home network sharing even any basic insights.

Also thanks for the router recommendation Scott.  We are currently just 
renting one so I will make a note of this for our research.  I feel some 
pressure to be up and running as quickly as I can after the move since I 
need my computer for work.


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