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  • Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2006 10:47:05 -0500

it goes like this.
1.  wpa is more secure, but if all wireless devices do not support wpa
you'll need to go with wep.
2.  if you are changing your internet, that does not meen that you need
to mess with your wireless network at all.
mac address filtering is a type of security also.  Each computer has a
mac address.  if the technician set it up, that also should be done and
you'll not need to messwwith it.

I set up a network for a friend at my house.  She took it across the
country and plugged in her cable modem and it just worked.


On Sat, 28 Jan 2006 09:32:37 -0600
"Joni Colver" <joni.colver@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> We currently have a wireless network setup for Internet sharing.  The 
> technicians who set up the Comcast connection also did the WEP encryption. 
> I have heard more than once that WPA is better security.  I have also heard 
> about mac addresses but have no idea what this is or how to configure it.
> This message is prompted both by Scott's comments on the subject and the 
> fact that we are going to make a long-distance move soon and will have to 
> set up a new Internet connection and I feel totally uncertain about what I 
> need to do to ensure we have a secure connection.
> I would really like to learn more about this subject but don't know a good 
> source of information that is easily understood by someone who is a casual 
> computer user.  By that I mean I don't have a computer background and just 
> learn what I need to learn to do the things I want to do.  I don't know if 
> this subject would lend itself to a podcast but I would certainly appreciate 
> anyone who has mastered the process of ensuring security with a wireless 
> home network sharing even any basic insights.
> Also thanks for the router recommendation Scott.  We are currently just 
> renting one so I will make a note of this for our research.  I feel some 
> pressure to be up and running as quickly as I can after the move since I 
> need my computer for work.
> Joni 
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