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My personal preference is to use left and right arrow to skim through a file
in Winamp.  You have to be in the main Winamp window for this to work unless
you have global hot keys defined for those functions.  They won't work while
in the Winamp library, or any of the other Winamp windows. If you hold the
right arrow key down for a few seconds, you can skim through a file in no

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I usually listen to casts with my book courier, but if I'm not sure that one
will interest me I want to skim through it on my computer before
downloading. The BC transfer tool is real slow.

If I play a cast in Winamp, I can't figure out how to skim. I can do ctrl-J
to jump to a specific time, but that gets tedious. Is there a way to
automatically jump forward by 1 minute, 5 minutes or 10 with a single
keystroke? Is another player like Windows Media or Realplayer better at


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