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  • Date: Sat, 13 May 2006 09:50:53 +0100

Actually yes winamp can play real player streams, and I can help you to configure that offlist if necessary. Though I'll just point you at some resources that may help.
What I did was to take all of the real alternative codecs, google for a plugin for winamp that would allow you to use it to play real media files and then make something that has the codecs in it as a self extracting archive, so I will outline the basics below.
contains 8 megs of real media codecs. These basically are exactly the same as real player and real alternative install without the need of installing either of those products.
After that you will need one of two plugins, either something called ireal16, or tara. What these are, are input plugins for winamp that use the real media codecs that you installed from the big file above and play your real media files.
Now some systems work with tara, and some with ireal16 so it's just a matter of which one works for you. To get either of these plugins, please visit:
and go to the real media directory.
I hope this helps. If anyone has any further issues, let me know and I'm sure I can rectify the situation.

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Hello everyone.

I'm probably about to format my hard drive and reinstall Windows, and have a
question about Wimamp.

Before, I had Windows Media Player, Real Player, and Winamp installed. I'd
would primarily like to use Winamp now, and was wondering if Winamp can play
real audio streams?

If it takes a plugin, does anyone know the plugin I would need, and where I
would get it from?



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