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Dan, this is just an example of poor html.  It doesn't have to be that
way.  On the other hand, there will be links in whatever form we select,
because people need to know the resources that exist on other web pages.
We certainly don't have to cross reference everything.  For example, you
would not give the link to Sound professionals each time you mentioned
one of their microphone models.  You might rather list the mikes that
one can get from them and then list them as a resource link at the
bottom of the paragraph.


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The problem with this form of information dissemination is that most
the text is interspersed with many links.  The upside of this is that
can click on those and learn more about particular words or concepts.
downside is that the various screen readers handle links differently
regular text, so you hear the word link with each link, or a sound, or a

different voice.  Regardless, for some of us, it is so disruptive so as
make the wiki format not worth the trouble.  For a good example of how 
ridiculous this can get, look up the word brane, spelled b r a n e, on 
wikipedia.com, and see that the text is riddled with about fifty
links.  By the way, it is a physics term relating to n-dimensional 
hyperspace, but just a brief listen will serve to illustrate the point.

I would recommend we not go this direction for a type of FAQ, it could
frustrating and many would not get the maximal use from it.


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