[bct] Re: Why Atheism Is Bunk

  • From: "Sam Bushman" <sam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 13:40:45 +1200

Why is it that you go to such lengths to slander atheists?

Who wrote the Merriam-Webster's definition? A preacher wrote that definition! 
And you know why he wrote it that way? To make it easier to slander atheists
-- because hardly any atheists have believed the way this preacher accuses us 
of believing, and particularly the way you interpret it. A few here and there,
but they're the exception rather than the rule.

And no atheist would define atheism from the standpoint of presupposing that a 
god exists and then saying that an atheist is someone who denies this "fact."
A dictionary -- a reference book -- ought to simply report the theism-atheism 
discussion in an unbiased manner. No dictionary worth consulting would ever
take sides in a controversial argument. This is why we stopped using 
Merriam-Webster's Tenth Collegiate even though it is the industry standard when 
comes to word-division.

Meanwhile, atheism, as most atheistic writers and philosophers have used the 
term (and we ought to know because it's our word), means "without theism."
In other words, we are simply human and have not added to our humanity the 
belief that gods exist. That's all.

Merriam-Webster's also says that wickedness is a synonym for atheism. Do you 
believe that?

If Merriam-Webster's is so authoritative, then let's see what they say under 
the word God.

Ah! "god" (lowercase, not uppercase) "the supreme or ultimate reality" 
(everything else in reality is not quite as real?). M-W continues: "the Being 
in power, wisdom, and goodness who is worshipped as creator and ruler of the 
universe" (so since He's the ruler, he has me under control, and I don't need
you -- I'm doing exactly what He wants me to do because He is the ruler of the 
universe: do you believe that?) "the incorporeal divine Principle ruling
over all as eternal Spirit." Principle!? Is this what you think "God" -- er, 
"god" is? It's in the dictionary, I tell you! Merriam-Webster's said it, so
it must be true! "God" is a principle, not a being!

Truth is, Merriam-Webster's is published by the Christian Science Church, and 
is widely criticized even in Christian circles as being very biased in its
definitions for theological terms. Microsoft Encarta World Dictionary (the 
hard-back, not the software) is much more fair in its definitions for all 
terms, including the word atheism. Microsoft's Encarta simply reports what the 
two sides in this argument have to say, and does not take sides at all (even
though its publisher, Bill Gates, is an unabashed, out-of-the-closet atheist.

So, then, since you do not have "enough knowledge," then I'm sure that you are 
unwilling to assert that Santa Claus is just make-believe. Are you a Santa
agnostic? You haven't completely searched the North Pole because he's probably 
living under the ice, according to the claim I heard when I was a kid. So
you cannot tell me that Santa or magical færies or the Easter Bunny or 
leprechauns or Allah or Popeye the Sailor or the Tooth Fairy or Quetzalcoatl or
Mister Sand Man or Freija or the Wicked Witch of the West do not exist. To 
remain honest and self-consistent, must remain agnostic on these matters because
you do not have "enough knowledge."

Yeah, you shoot your mouth off without even thinking about what you're saying, 
and what results is a tirade full of spite and bitterness. You inflict your
hatred upon me, but how many others have you offended or even hurt with this 
behavior? And what have atheists, as a class, done to deserve this?

You know what? If atheism is bunk, as you claim, it is still preferable to the 
alternative -- especially if that alternative prompts one to approach a perfect
stranger and issue a rant without even knowing what he's talking about, 
accusing an entire group of people of being something that they are not. If my
choice is either to engage in such behavior or be an atheist, I'll proudly call 
myself an atheist.

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