[bct] Re: While you send it? We'll paint your house!

  • From: "Dana Niswonger" <dniswonger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 18:02:07 -0600

Hi Mary:
Yes, I did that the first time and then I discovered the following.
Before you do anything else, as soon as you bring up the page, use control F. 
to find the brows button.  Pressing the space bar will take you to an edit 
field allowing you to put in just the file name.  Pressing the tab key will 
take you to a combo box with the message "files of type, all files".
Leave this as it is unless you are sending a program file.  Pressing the tab 
key again will take you to a folder list allowing you to select the correct 
folder.  Once you have done this, pressing the enter key will fill in the 
entire path, folder and file name for you so there is no chance for error.  Now 
you are ready to fill in the edit fields for the senders
e-mail address.  Using the control home key, return to the top of the page and 
press the letter E.  You will be in the edit field for the senders e-mail 
address.  Remembering to press enter to turn forms mode on or MSAA. mode off, 
fill in the field and press the tab key.  The next two fields are optional, 
your e-mail address and a comment field for any message you want to be sent 
along with the link to your file.  Tab to the send it button and you should be 

These are the steps I took and still, 99 percent of my file seemed to be sent 
in under a minute.  Then my computer just sat there for an hour until my server 
timed out, producing the "cannot find server or dsl error" message.  I 
attempted this file transfer three times with no success at all.

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  Did you type the full file path, with, for example, c colon backslash folder 
name backslash folder name backslash file name period file extension? If it 
can't find it, it can't send it.

  If you get an error, exit Internet explorer and go back in.


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