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Thanks..so how would I get to the property sheet of my card?

I see the card listed in control panel, but it only has an advanced tab.  Is
this under volume control, or the sound devices icon in control panel?

I have looked through many of these screens and have not run in to a "what
you hear" type option.

This is a Windows XP Pro sp2 machine.


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Sounds to me like you need to go in to the property sheet of your card and
check the "what you hear" or "stereo mixer" options.  There will be two tabs
on the property sheet.  The record tab and the play tab.  If you have the
"what you hear" option, it will be found in the record tab.  IF you have
Windows XP, this option will be unchecked by default.  Check it.  Now, as
you tab through your recording volumes, you should see it.  Go ahead and
check this option.  Now, you need to go to your playback tab on the card
property sheet.  Check the "Mic" option on the playback tab.  By default,
this will also be unchecked.  When you check this, then check the What you
hear option, you will be able to get the result you want.

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Right now when I record from my computer, regardless of which audio editting
program is used, the system picks up only the sound from my microphone.

How do I configure the computer to both pick up the microphone, as well as
sounds coming out of the sound card?  For instance, Jaws speech, other
streaming items being played, etc.

I have checked the options under volume control, and don't see one under the
recording settings that would do this.

Also I have played around a little bit with the program Total Recorder, but
have not gotten it to work reliably.  Typically for instance total Recorder
might record the Jaws, but say not record things I play in Windows media

This is a Dell Latitude D600 laptop with a SigmaTel Audio chipset.  I also
have the Griffen Technologies USB Imic installed.  I have heard that laptop
audio sound cards often limit you, so I don't know if my sound card permits
this option.

Thank you,

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