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Where can you get this software?

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Anapod works very nicely with the Ipod.  Thanks to people on this list
for pointing that out to me.  I am now an Ipod user.  Of course, I
still use my book port although I have found that really hot files,
meaning very loud speech or music files, are often distorted on the
bookport and the channels are reversed in the headphone output.  The
last problem will probably change with the next hardware update of the
book port.  Hopefully, the first one will be taken care of as well.


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An Ipod shuffle is a tiny mp3 player that is the size of a pack of
gum.  It has an earphone jack in one end and a usb plug in the other.
comes in half gig, one gig and, I think, 2 gig models.  It has no
and, once you learn the controls, is totally accessible.

The drawback is that you cannot just slide files onto it as you can
Archos or many other mp3 players from your computer, you must use
Itunes or 
possibly Anapod, don't know about that.  For that reason, I will not
one, but they do sound very nice.


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