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    Jus a short word of my own.  Ignore this small minded person sending out 
this vulgar stuff.

Sincerely yours,
The Constantly Barefoot,
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God bless President George W. Bush!
God bless our troops!
and God bless America
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Hi Everyone

I have just joined the list and am really enjoying all the good stuff
that you are all talking about.

This list is a wonderful addition to the blindcooltech project and you
certainly don't want to let this slightly mad person wreck this thing.

He/she will get board soon or better, come unstuck and get found out.

Keep on talking; use the list but be on guard as to what you open and
such.  Of course Larry wouldn't have written that stuff.

Take care everyone.

Paul Hopkins
Birmingham, UK

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>Hi everyone.  Until things cool off, let's keep in touch with each
>other through Skype or other voice chat software.  We know each
>other, and there is power and strength in numbers.  This person can
>mess around with mail and web sites if he likes.  He can't destroy
>what makes our community special though because that is within us,
>in our hearts and friendships.  We don't have to give that away
>because he feels like being nasty.  Don't sink to his level because
>that lets him win.  Just act like it's static from a radio, no more
>important than that.  We are stronger, better people than  he
>understands, and we will be ok.  I am sure of that.


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