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  • Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 21:11:35 +0100

Hello Lynette,

I am indeed "the Technicalish Guy" - a label I will proudly wear now until my dying day. :D

I hope you found the podcasts - well: not too horrendous!

Sean R.
If you prick me, do I not... leak? - Data, "Star Trek: The Next
Generation, (The Naked Now)"
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Hi Sean,
Are you the technicalish guy? I've listened to a few of your podcasts--if you are indeed he..

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Hi Monica et al,

It's good to be here!

I suppose I should do some form of introduction - although several of you know me already.

I'm living in South Wales in the UK (and it's a nice day today, as opposed to the general state of affairs in these valleys when the rain comes and doesn't let off for most of the year).

I'm finishing up at High School this year and finals loom, and I'm off to college come September, so that'll be different.

I haven't listened to many of the BCT Podcasts, although I do stick an ear in if anything takes my interest.

I have a website (as anyone who's seen my signature will notice).
There I have my own small podcast, a couple of computer programs I've written, and general rantings and ravings about things.
There's also a new online sort of challenge, pitting people against my computer AI - so you can go have a look at that if you've got five minutes with nothing to do.

Apart from that, I enjoy reading (mostly I'm a sci-fi buff, although I've gotten into the world of fanfiction recently), I still enjoy all the books meant for kids (despite the fact that I'm eighteen) and should really know better.

I also rent dvd's - a few of the recent UK releases have audio-description, so it's nice to be able to access those.

Time for me to run - I have a letter to print and mail for my dad (a letter: of all things, I ask you! nobody goes digital in my family).
Excuse the spelling errors, but rushing here.

Sean R.
and I'm Glad! Glad Glad Glad Glad GLAD! I wonder if she's glad?
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Hi. I've fallen behind in list mail a bit. I want to welcome our new list members. I'm glad you're here, and I'm excited to see our list growing. I'm glad we've got our list home back too. (big smile)

Monica Visit my blog at: http://plumlipstick.livejournal.com

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