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  • Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 18:45:40 -0400


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And it appears as though there's really no way to control back translation
either. It can even be done with bookshare books.

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From: "Walt Smith" <walt@xxxxxxxxxx>
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> My evidence is many messages to public lists that I've read repeatedly
> over
> the years.
> As to backtranslation, if anyone from NLS made such a statement, they're
> 100% dead wrong--I've done it, myself, for my own private use.
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> What evidence do you have that people were sharing login information?
> Noone
> from NLS has officially said what the problem really was. We don't know if
> it's paranoia or something real. I know many years ago someone was caught
> selling web braille files. I can also tell you that some NLS staff thought
> it wasn't possible to backtranslate .brf files so maybe they have been
> living in a fantasy world. If they could prove someone shared their login
> info then they should dump the account. If the site was hacked then that's
> a
> real problem they need to fix.

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