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Thanks so much; I'd really appreciate that!

It's at www.acceptanceministries.net so should be easy to find.

Karen Delzer

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Karen, happy to take a look if you can give me an address to go to. No
grandiose promises, but I can tell you a bit of wht it looks like to someone
with a bit of sight, but I also use screen readers and know a bit of HTML.

If you like, have a look at my humble podcasts list page and see if I've
done anything that's any use to you. It's at


It's only a very provisional design (design! wsell, perhaps not) - but I'm
working on it.


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> Hi guys,
> I'm on a board of directors for a ministry, and we're getting our web site
> up.  But there's a problem with the accessibility.  I have no idea what
> I'm
> doing here, and can't advise them.  You know, at the top of web sites
> where
> the information is given vertically, so that the links can be clicked?
> It's
> a bar, visually, and our screen readers read it vertically.  But I don't
> know what to do with this.  Here's how it reads:
> HomeAbout UsNewsletterLinksContact/Pray/Contribute
> Hmmm, well, not exactly, because on the web page, it goes straight across
> with the words stuck together and all.  In this e-mail, you'll see line
> breaks where there aren't any on the page at all.
> Okay, clear as mud?  Anyone got any ideas where to send our web designer
> for
> help?
> Thanks bunches!!!
> Karen Delzer
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