[bct] Re: Web chat?

  • From: "Frank Lizarde" <flizarde@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2006 12:07:26 -0800

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for all of that info.
I am already subscribed to Audio-tips.
It's a real shame though, that the chat rooms are almost always empty, well at least when I have bin there.
This would be something good to take advantage of.
It's a good resource!
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Sent: Monday, February 06, 2006 10:17 PM
Subject: [bct] Re: Web chat?

Hi Frank,

Audio-tips.com, Talkingcommunities.com, ACBRadio.org, Access Technology
Institute, and Easy Access to Software Information all use Ivocaleyes client
for voice chat. George Buys is CEO of Talkingcommunities.com and
audio-tips.com. The client is very easy to install and you don't even have
to know about computers to install it. It is a very small plug-in and it is
full of keyboard hot keys.
There are several rooms already in place at audio-tips.com. We have a tech
room available. If any additional room is needed, I am sure that George Buys
can help in this area. To join one must become part of the community by
submitting your name and email address. You will be given a password after
signing up. You do not have to woryy about the dreded visual verification
scheme. It is family oriented and very safe on the site.
If anyone have questions about using a voice chat client, don't hesitate to
I have used many other chat clients and have found the sound quality of
Ivocaleyes the very best it can be. You can share web pages during your
presentation and a host of other things.
Check out my site if you wish to take part in that.
The URL of the link is on the technology page.
Talk to everyone soon.

Lisa Hall,

Former Consultant for Adaptive Technology for Northwest Vista College, a
college of the Alamo Community College District.

Web page: http://home.satx.rr.com/lisahall

Phone: (210) 829-4571

E-mail and MSN I.D.: lhall10@xxxxxxxxxxx

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I like that idea!
One could come and go as one pleases, and many of us could chat at once.
You can't do that on Skype.
It is possible to do it with Gizmo, but it's still not as accessible as it
should be, and to sign up you need to use that terrible visual verification
The quality is vary good though, and you could get as many people in a room
as you want.
Maybe someone knows more about Gizmo than I do, and would like to chime in.
Maybe it will cut down on the traffic on this list, which has bin amazing!
I'm for it.
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Subject: [bct] Web chat?

Larry you do so much work for us but have you ever thought of starting a
chat on the page with one room where we could  all go and conference?  an
example would be like the audio chat on the acbradio.org page. I would
to talk nightly with a group of these folks. Maybe I need to get serious
about hooking skype up.

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