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Yeah Beth.  Both Lynne and myself must have had our heads stuck in the sand,
or maybe snow, because neither of us had heard of this blizzard till a
little while ago today.  Somehow, I find it exhilarating.  Most of my
friends think I'm nuts, but I love loud thunder storms, blizzards and
torrential rains.  I don't know why, but I get a sense of excitement.  I
seem to be the only member of my family with this idiosyncrasy;.  When I
lived in Vineland, New Jersey and we had loud thunder storms, I would open
the back porch door to better hear the thunder  and watch the lightning.  At
that time I had a white German Shepherd dog who would keep me company in
this adventure, which is rather odd, as most cats and dogs head for a place
to hide during severe weather.  Well, I apologize for going on so.


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> Hey, Lynnette and you guys up North--you're gonna get it!  Big snowstorm
> headed up there and poor li'l Virginia--probably nothing to speak of, they
> say--though I remember in '04, on the day after Christmas--they said a
> dusting, we got a whiteout.  NYC is under a blizzard warning, I think it
> is--maybe watch--but 50 mph winds and snow coming.  Not good walking wx!
> Beth

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