[bct] Re: Warning, jaws without authorization

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  • Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2006 15:45:54 -0700

Guess the child needs attention, hmmm?

Karen Delzer

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On 6/1/2006, 6:00:00 PM EST, Neal wrote:

> First, for all we know, Rick is being
> spoofed.

Oh yes, no doubt about it. Take a look at the relevant part of the message
headers from the
fake rick:
Received: from dbmail-mx1.orcon.net.nz (loadbalancer2.orcon.net.nz
        by turing.freelists.org (Avenir Technologies Mail Multiplex) with
ESMTP id 6B27F3455EE

        And now that same part of a message received from the real one:
Received: from smtp101.sbc.mail.mud.yahoo.com
(smtp101.sbc.mail.mud.yahoo.com [])
        by turing.freelists.org (Avenir Technologies Mail Multiplex) with
SMTP id 77839344D21

Looking further down the line, you see this, which proves authenticity,
at least to the SBCGlobal SMTP servers:
Received: from unknown (HELO Black3GHZ)
(rickharmon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx@ with login)
  by smtp101.sbc.mail.mud.yahoo.com with SMTP; 1 Jun 2006 02:40:13 -0000

Dead giveaway! The real Rick is authenticated, and the fake one isn't.
And anyway, why would you send mail through an SMTP server in New

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