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Hi all.  Below is a copy of the info Donna sent over the list about the
WS320-M.  Hope this helps those who need it.  I plan to consider it myself,
Lois Goodine.

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Donna Slater
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Subject: [bct] Has anyone seen olympus ws-320m

Hi All
Well, in a further effort to solve my recording dilemmas I have just seen
some info on the Olympus ws320-m.  It is a new voice recorder released this
by Olympus, but it has 1gb of on board memory providing 35 hours of high
quality recording.  The really annoying thing is that it's not available in
UK yet, and I can't find a manual to download anywhere.  The pricing doesn't
look too bad though, and it's one I would think about if it is accessible.
 Does anyone know any more about this?  The press release blurb is pasted
New WS-Series Offers Enriched Audio Recording at Exceptional Lengths, Music
and Plugs Directly into PC via USB to Store Essential Files
Melville, New York, September 12, 2005
 - Olympus, the leading manufacturer of digital voice recorders in the
United States,
today adds three new models to its reliable and easy-to-use WS-Series that
top-quality audio, ease of use and extensive recording times for anyone
looking for
great convenience and reliability from a voice recorder. Each voice recorder
a compact and stylish design and delivers high quality stereo recording over
long recording times that range from 68 to 277 hours.
Additionally, the music playing function allows users to download WMA and
MP3 music
file formats with WOW/SRS effects for high fidelity. Moreover, like the
earlier WS
recorders, each of the three new WS-Series is also a portable mass storage
device, ideal for uploading large files from one PC to another fast and
"Olympus voice recorders continue to provide excellent recording and
playback sound
quality to users that demand a superior device," said Andy Flagg, senior
sales manager for Olympus Imaging America Inc. "The WS-300M, WS-310M and
are our second generation of voice recorders that are plug-and-play mass
class devices, and they now offer WMA and MP3 music file playing to bring
to you both in the office or on the road."
Designed To Work Hard
Ideal for physicians, attorneys, journalists and students who don't want to
with learning a complicated device, the new WS-Series voice recorders are
have reliable functionality and enhance productivity. The WS-Series models
a higher sampling rate in the Long Play (LP) mode for maximum recording
length of
audio. Designed with four recording modes, users can retrieve superior sound
the HQ mode; use the LP and SP modes for extended recording; or ST HQ for
Designed to Play Hard
The music function of the WS-Series records in high quality Windows Media
Audio (WMA)
and MP3 music file playing with WOW/SRS effects for great quality music. WOW
is a
remarkable audio playback enhancement technology that dramatically enriches
the audio
providing rich bass and 3D stereo sound for a dynamic listening experience.
on the elements of SRS 3D technology, WOW retrieves the spatial information
is lost during the recording and playback process and restores the original
sound field. As a result, the reproduced sound is much closer to what the
originally intended and delivers the same immersive and powerful 3D audio
over headphones. This means that users can upload their favorite songs or
to one device for their listening pleasure.
The WS-300M records up to 68 hours of audio in LP mode or 66 songs (approx.
minutes with 128kbps per a song); the WS-310M records up to 138 hours of
audio in
LP mode or 132 songs (approx. four minutes with 128kbps per a song); and the
records up to 277 hours of audio in LP mode or 266 songs (approx. four
minutes with
128kbps per song).
Designed for Excitement
Users of the WS-300M (256MB of flash memory), WS-310M (512MB) and WS-320M
(1GB) will
benefit from the different playback settings. After capture, the slow
playback option
allows recordings to be listened to efficiently with playback that is 25%
than real time. The fast playback option allows recordings to be played 50%
than real time. Traditionally, users will keep rewinding to hear what was
said, but
with slow playback they will be less likely to do so, and they can skip
ahead to
the sections that are important with fast playback. Also, a repeat playback
enables repeated playback of just the selected part of the file being
Delivering Style
Each WS-Series voice recorder incorporates PC Link via "USB Direct," a
unique design
that incorporates the USB output into the recorders' bodies. The voice
recorder actually
separates from the battery unit and plugs into the USB port on most PCs for
a direct
connection to a computer. And, because the WS-Series is a portable mass
storage class
device, it is also ideal for anyone downloading large files including
documents and
images in addition to audio files, with no software required.
Whether tucked away in a drawer, shirt pocket or while in hand, the
design of the WS-Series voice recorders (3.73" x 1.50" x 0.43") and
lightweight (1.62
ounces, including alkaline battery) make them ideal for travel. The WS-300M
a shiny silver exterior while the WS-310M model features champagne gold and
the WS-320M
looks sharp sporting a sleek piano black. All models come standard with
backlit full-dot LCD screens that reveal file information, recording time
and events.
The speaker for audio playback is located on the front of the recorders,
adding to
their professional look.
Intelligent Design
Each model is outfitted with an ergonomic dial thumb pad allowing the user
to adjust
the volume level, fast-forward and rewind with the touch of one button. The
and Folder/Index buttons are positioned individually below the thumb dial
for easy
access during use. Record, Stop, and Play button are located on the side of
the recorder.
The WS-Series also features voice activation to record sound as soon as it's
up by the built-in microphone for hands-free recording. This feature also
recording time by recording only when the microphone senses sound.
Designed for You
The new WS-Series voice recorders deliver an easy-to-use interface that
allows users
to organize digital voice recordings and music. All three models have five
file folders that allow up to 199 files per folder for unmatched
organization. For
added convenience, users can lock a file to keep important data from being
erased, or single or entire files can be erased if necessary.
The WS-300M, WS-310M and WS-320M voice recorders have up to 15 hours of
operation made possible by a single AAA battery for low power consumption.
The WS-Series will be available in October 2005. It comes with Stereo
Earphone, One
AAA battery, USB Cable (if needed for connection to PC's difficult-to-reach
USB port),
and Instruction Manual.
U.S. Pricing
WS-300M Digital Voice Recorder Estimated Street Price: $149.99 (U.S.)
WS-310M Digital Voice Recorder Estimated Street Price: $179.99 (U.S.)
WS-320M Digital Voice Recorder Estimated Street Price: $229.99 (U.S.)
Review units and high-resolution images of the WS-Series Digital Voice
Recorder are
available from Mullen Public Relations. Contact Ryan Murphy, 978-468-8978 or

For more information contact Chris Sluka, senior public relations manager,
Imaging America Inc, Consumer Products Group, Two Corporate Center Dr., P.O
Box 9058
Melville, NY 11747-9058, ph: (631) 844-5000 (800) 622-6372, Fax: (631)

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