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hi robert,

No it can't play protected wma's nor set bookmarks.



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I am considering a WS320M as well. (like I really need another
recorder). Can Studio Recorder work with the files directly that are
recorded on the WS320M or must they be converted to something other
than the WMA format?

Also, can the WS320M play protected WMA files like from Net Library?
If it can, can you set bookmarks with it?


Robert Carter

At 01:14 PM 2/26/2006, you wrote:
>The Olympus machines (all models I know of) have date and time
>functions, but these functions are useless since they only display;
>they do not speak and cannot be set by a blind person. Their only
>purpose is to give correct date and time when files were created. I
>think the DS2 software will let you set this from your PC when you
>plug it into the pC, but I wouldn't call it a reliable function, and
>it's not accessible by blind people.
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