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MessageHi Neal ,

tried that already and no luck I put them in Alpha and numeric order with no 
luck either way.   I think it only understands directory order.  


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  Rick, I'm not sure how you are generating the files, but I have found that 
many such recorders can be made to play files in order if you simply rename 
them as exemplified below
  01 Rick's song
  02 Neal's song
  03 Dan's mournful song about running out of scotch
  It can be a pain to do this, but some ripping software will allow one to add 
a prefix to the song title thus making it unnecessary to go in and rename each 
file.  I haven't tried to see if the bookport honors this scheme or not.  
Probably something I should do for my own curiosity.


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    I asked about a week ago about the order of playing music files in the 
WS320.  Well I haven't tried it yet but I am now assuming that it is like the 
BookPort and it probably puts files in directory order.  So if you need to 
listen to some files in a certain order then you must place them in the WS320 
music folder 1 at a time instead of selecting the whole batch of files  at once.



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