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Rick, if you are feeling comfortable with JFW then I see no reason for you
to change to another screen reader.  The truth is that these screen readers
are very equal in what they do and what we can do with them.  I could give
you my long list of why I prefer Window-Eyes, but that comes from years of
use and familiarity.  I don't think that the differences are great enough to
be worth the difficult job of dropping one you know to learn another.  
I'm lucky enough to own both Window-Eyes and Jaws and I believe that it is
almost necessary to have both for some people.  For example, I know blind
college students who are bravely majoring in fields such as electrical
engineering or physics and several of them have told me that they need both
screen readers to begin to deal with the various programs they are required
to use.  One guy told me that he needs Window-Eyes for working with
applications written by his professors or fellow students and Jaws for
getting full use out of some applications that it has been scripted for.  

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Hi everyone,
I looked at WE 4 back in late 2004 before I had a screen reader.  I was
given JAWS in May 2005 by my state rehab.  I downloaded the WE5.5 demo today
to give it a look since I feel now I can evaluate it correctly.  
Ok, you WE users, sell me on using it over JAWS 7.  I know for starters I
like JAWS's voice much better than WE 5.5
Also should I just keep trying the 30 minute demo or pay $39 for the 60 day
demo?  Also why doesn't GW Micro put a link for the 60 day demo?  They refer
to it several times but I was unable to find a link for it.

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