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Hi can you also tell me what those key strokes for we would be on a laptop?
Thanks very much

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Rick, I will insert answers in you message below.


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Hi Everyone,

Can someone give me a few pointers on WE so I can try to install nero 7 with it. I only have the 30 minute demo for WEand need to work fast.

Can someone give me some of the key presses to use such as
in JAWS you would:

Ins-b  to read a diaalog box
use control shift w to read window or dialog box

ins-numpad - to route jaws to pc
use insert numpad plus to route mouse pointer to caret

I need to switch the WE cursors to read the dialog boxes but don't have enough experience to do it well.

Remember that you don't have to toggle between the regular cursor and the mouse pointer or Jaws cursor in Window-Eyes. The minus toggles from mouse pointer to w e cursor, but the only real use for w e cursor is to navigate without causing any thing to happen like sometimes happens with the mouse pointer.

Numpad 7 goes to top left of window, numpad 9 to top right, numpad 1 to bottom left, numpad 3 to bottom right, and 8 moves up a line, 2 move down a line, 4 moves left a character and 6 moves right a character. Insert 4 and 6 moves left and right by word. Control numpad 5 reads current line, control numpad 6 reads current word, and control numpad 4 reads current character.

Let me know if you need more help.

Thanks for any help.



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