[bct] Re: VoiceNotes and BrailleNotes

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Hi Mary,

I am on the PacMate list and I haven't heard anyone using it for recording.
I have yet to find a headphone with built-in mic that I can use for
recording if I went that route.
Since I am not working, I don't have the funds to obtain a digital recorder
if I am going to do any serious podcasting or demonstration orther than
using Sound Forge on my PC.
Talk to everyone soon.

Lisa Hall,

Former Consultant for Adaptive Technology for Northwest Vista College, a
college of the Alamo Community College District. 

Web page: http://home.satx.rr.com/lisahall

Phone: (210) 829-4571

E-mail and MSN I.D.: lhall10@xxxxxxxxxxx






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Lisa and all,

I've got a Pac Mate QX400 with a detachable 40-cell display and decided not 
to use it for voice recording; it's a bit too large for podcasting but I 
think the Resco recording program can be purchased for use with it; not sure

if the Resco recorder will accommodate stereo high quality though. I thought

it was for students and long-term monaural use but of course I don't know 
for sure, having not used it.


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