[bct] Re: Very strange Sound Forge 8 behaviour

  • From: Krister Ekstrom <krister@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 18:17:19 +0100

Hi Neal,
Now let's see so that i don't mess things up here... When i hit "enter" on the SF icon, the hard disk spins for a while and then i get thrown back out on the desk top. To me it looks as SF half starts and then for some reason stops again. Does this make sence at all to you? The Sony knowledge base mentions this problem and says that one should try starting "terminal services" from the admin tools of the Win XP control panel, but it's already started and can't be stopped, so i am totally at a loss here.

Neal Ewers wrote:
Krister, You said, "Sound forge hadn't even started."

That is a totally different problem.  It sounds like the difficulty you
are having is not getting Sound Forge to start.  It will not show up in
the list of running applications if it has not started yet.  Is this
what you are having trouble with?


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Neal Ewers wrote:
Krister, which screen reader are you using? If JAWS, you can always press insert F 10 to open a list of the currently running applications

and then press Enter on the one you want.

Well i started Sound forge with Jaws running and pressed ins-f10. "Running applications:
Desktop 1 of 1"
Sound forge hadn't even started...

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