[bct] Re: Very strange Sound Forge 8 behaviour

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  • Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 09:10:48 -0600

Krister, which screen reader are you using?  If JAWS, you can always
press insert F 10 to open a list of the currently running applications
and then press Enter on the one you want.  I have not ever had this
experience, so I am not sure why others are.


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Hi there.
The strange thing is that that's what i did, i pressed alt-tab and the 
focus didn't change. I tried to search for Sound forge on my task bar 
but couldn't find it there either.
Perhaps i should mention that my machine is a 2.4 GigaHertz Ibm Netvista

with Windows XP pro on it. I'm really puzzled and very thankful for any 
suggestions that comes my way.

The Scarlet Wombat wrote:
> When you start Sound Forge, depending on many factors, it does not 
> come
> up in the active window.  Click or press enter on the sound forge icon

> on the desktop, then hit alt tab a couple of times, you should find it

> open.
> Dan

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