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  • Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2006 15:55:32 -0800

MessageHi to all on this list.
I'm Frank Lizarde, or so that the screen readers could pronounce it correctly, 
Lizardi, and as the Eagles would say, "the new kid in town," well, at least for 
This is a grate list, and I'm enjoying every bit of this BCT movement.
Thanks to Larry and all of the fine people that are participating, both on the 
podcast, and on this list!
Let's keep this ball rolling!
O and I almost forgot what I was replying  about.
We also have the free 411 service here in California.
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  Hi Neil,
  Yes.  I'm saying that everyone is entitled, and you don't have to apply for 
anything.  Just dial 1800 373-3411 or the other number given and an operator 
will ask you for the state, city and party you wish to call.  Once you've given 
the information, she/he will say the number and connect you with your 
party.It's that simple, and there is no paperwork involved whatsoever.
  Try it; I'd be interested to hear if it works in your state.

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    Maria, you said, "Anyone and everyone is entitled to this service."

    I don't understand your point.  Are you saying that you think that everyone 
should be entitled to the service in question even though they are not, or that 
anyone can apply for the service and get it?


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